Thursday, November 26, 2009

Steak and Football Day Diary/Live Blog: Second Half

Well, the Second Half should be starting soon. The Packers are up 13-7 at this point but the lead should be significantly larger by this point. I'm not too crazy about the Packers settling for field goals. But it could be worse, I could be a Lions fan.

11:21 Seriously with 256 total yards to 81 and it's only 13-7?

11:22 Woodson pick...third of the's interesting Stafford doesn't play as well when the other team isn't the Cleveland Browns.

11:23 Well for's being challenged by the Lions....we'll see what happens after some commercials.

11:29 Wow what a way to capitalize. I like that they went for it on 4th and 2 I just don't like that Rodgers ended up getting sacked and fumbled.

11:33 Packers are stuck inside their own 10 again.....Jordy is having a turrible game on special teams.

11:36 Rodgers hits driver with another long pass....the last time they did this the drive ended in the Packers only touchdown....hopefully that trend continues...will it....we'll see

11:39 In the Red Zone for the 4th time thanks to a good catch by Jordy

11:41 TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! Driver helps Rodgers finish what they started. Rodgers was under pressure and had a half-second window to get the ball to Driver. 20-7 Packers.

11:47 I've ranted about commercials I don't like enough today so i'll talk about one that I do like. The Miller Lite commercial that passes itself off as one of those Dating Websites for the first 20 seconds as the guy rants about finding the one and then he makes googly eyes over a Miller Lite....someone needs to put the E-Harmonies of the world in their place.

11:51 Stafford nearly got picked off for a 4th time. Still doing a pretty good Jay Cutler impersonation though.

11:52 Wide Right. Packers Ball. Still 20-7

11:54 We're not even out of the 3rd quarter yet and Rodgers has kept his 4-game streak alive of passing for 300+ yards against the Lions.

11:55 Rodgers to Jones for his 4th of the year.....27-7 Packers

11:57 So Joe Buck and Troy Aikman don't know who votes on the Turducken award or whatever the name of that Turkey thing is......seriously Joe you broadcast games for a living and have been calling games for FOX forever and Troy in addition to being a broadcaster you played for the Cowboys who always play on Thanksgiving.........your guys' job is to give people insight on these types of things..

12:02 The Lions punting unit makes it 80th appearance of the day

12:06 You know the game is getting out of hand when the broadcasting team is talking about their Fantasy Football teams. Knowing that Joe Buck's fantasy team is 2-8ish.

12:09 Stafford completes a 47-yard pass to Northcutt, now in the Red Zone.....they are starting to show some signs of life.

12:13 Packers D Bends but doesn't break on D--2nd and goal from the 1--three incomplete passes--Packers ball still 27-7.

12:15 And that is why you DO NOT RUN FROM YOUR OWN 1 YARD LINE.....At least McCarthy was smart enough to challenge.....27-9 is better than 27-14

12:21 33-yard return by Northcutt.....not great for the packers special teams but they've definitely done worse

12:24 Stafford converts on 4th down and find themselves back in the Red Zone.

12:26 Lions convert on 3rd.....between this game and S.F. Game I do have long-term concern about the Packers finishing off opponents.....they may be able to get away with it against these teams but they can't be pulling this off against playoff-caliber opposition.

12:28 Field goal unit coming on for Detroit 27-12 Pack 5 minutes left.

12:31 Packers were playing for onside but don't get it .....good to see Woodson get a chance to return a kick

12:32 Cut away to the Silverdome.....sorta disturbing that it only sold for $583,000 the clip they just showed on TV it looked disturbing seeing it as pretty much an abandoned property.

12:34 Packers run on 3rd and 3 to the surprise of no-one. 3 and out for the Packers 27-12 Pack 4 minutes timeouts for the Lions.

12:36 Stafford throws a pick-six to Woodson. 4th Pick overall, 2nd pick for Woodson. 34-12 Packers

12:41 You know the game is pretty much over: When the broadcasting team talks about how the losing team (Lions) will be good at some unspecified point. While the Lions are terrible this year....this actually comes with sound reasoning....Stafford has shown signs of eventually justifying his #1 pick status.......give it a couple years and there's a solid chance he'll turn the Millen era into nothing more than a bad memory.

12:45 McCarthy is now 2 for 2 on challenges for the day

12:49 You know the game is decided when: Matt Flynn is on the field. This earns the Captain Obvious statement that Packers Back QBs don't get much playing time.

12:52 Well it's official......the game is over the Packers beat the Lions 34-12.

This obviously helps the Packers. They've now won three straight losing to Tampa and have moved to 7-4. There obvious a lot more football to be much as i've liked the Diary/Running Blog format thing.....the end of it comes now (for now)..

Not really feeling the Cowboys-Raiders (unless McFadden has a big game and leads my fantasy team to victory). I don't get NFL Network so I can't watch the Giants-Broncos from my lap top.........Plus I have about a few thousand calories to shove down my throat between now and the end of the day.

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