Thursday, November 5, 2009

Week 9 Preview

Well, another Thursday is here. Sadly, the Yankees won the World Series, Baseball Season Is Over, according to Baseball Reference we have 151 Days until opening Day........or about 120 days longer than the George Lopez late night show is going to last......but that's neither here nor there........time to see whats on tap for football

Tier I: Cheesehead Tier

Packers 4-3 vs. Buccaneers 0-7

The Packers are coming off another tough loss at the hands of some old guy who used to play for them. The Packers have a couple things going for them this week. They take care of business against terrible teams and they play Tampa Bay this week.

Even with how quickly things change in the NFL Tampa Bay's fall from respectability to atrocity is fairly shocking plus they throw Josh Freeman to the wolves on Sunday.

Packers 31 Buccaneers 0

Tier II:

Steelers 5-2 vs. Broncos 6-1

The Steelers are rolling along after a slow start to the season. The Broncos have been playing it close all year and finally lost a game last week. The Steelers are the better team on paper but these games aren't played on paper. The Broncos are playing this one extra motivated after being blown out by Baltimore.

Broncos 27 Steelers 24 (OT)

Cowboys 5-2 vs. Eagles 5-2

Epic NFC East match-up between a couple of teams playing pretty well. The Cowboys seem to be hitting their peak right now and the Eagles are coming off a good win against the Giants. These teams are a push but Dallas seems to be playing better recently.

Cowboys 31 Eagles 24

Ravens 4-3 vs. Bengals 5-2

Another interesting match-up. Baltimore removed Denver from the ranks of the unbeaten and have a 4-3 record that doesn't do them justice. The Bengals have been a poor-mans Broncos. Outside of their win against the Bears they've flirted with losing most of the season. Considering the Ravens took care of business against Denver, they'll most likely do the same against Cinci.

Ravens 28 Bengals 14

Tier III: Worth at least checking out

Chargers 4-3 vs. Giants 5-3

A battle of a couple teams going in different directions. The Chargers had their yearly slow start and thanks to a couple weeks of inept opposition, they have their season back on track. The Giants looked to be an elite team earlier this year but they haven't been the same since being demoralized by the Saints. I see both trends continuing on Sunday.

Chargers 31 Giants 20

Cardinals 4-3 vs. Bears 4-3

Both teams need this game to keep pace in the wild-card race. I'm still on the fence with both teams on whether they are contenders or pretenders. I'm arbitrarily picking Arizona because they're not the Bears.

Cardinals 28 Bears 17

Texans 5-3 vs. Colts 7-0

The Texans have played better the last few weeks but I don't see them winning for a few reasons. A) Unless proven otherwise...they're an average to slightly above average team B) Steve Slaton is having issues holding on to the ball and i'm not sure one good game from Ryan Moats is enough to say their running game issues are resolved C) They're playing the colts

Colts 35 Texans 27

Dolphins 3-4 vs. Patriots 5-2

Upset special of the week. Dolphins have been playing better since a rough start, they have shown an ability to stay competitive against the two best teams in the league...they just haven't been able to close it out...they get their breakthrough win here.

Dolphins 35 Patriots 31

Tier IV: Close Games, Bad Teams

Chiefs 1-6 vs. Jaguars 3-4

The Chiefs have been uninspiring to say the least. The Jaguars leave the same empty feeling. The Jags lost to a terrible Titans team last week......I don't see them losing to a terrible team two weeks in a row...they may be terrible ....but they're not the Redskins.

Jaguars 21 Chiefs 14

Lions 1-6 vs. Seahawks 2-5

The Lions-Rams game may have been atrocious, but this game isn't going to be much better. Both teams are a wreck.......gut instinct says the Lions find a way to not lose.

Lions 5 Seahawks 3

Titans 1-6 vs. 49ers 3-4

If nothing else the Titans at least took them selves out of the running of being the second 0-16 team. The 49ers still have a shot to salvage their season but they need to get things in order like now. Not too much shame in losing to the Colts.....all you can hope for is to not get embarrassed and the niners at least pulled that off. The Alex Smith redemption tour has a good Sunday.

49ers 21 Titans 13

Tier V: The Blowouts

Redskins 2-5 vs. Falcons 4-3

Luckily only a couple laughers this week. The Redskins have been surrounded in controversy much of the season. The controversy flavor of the week is the terribleness of Dan Snyder as a person. We all know hes inept as a team owner....should be (irrelevant) interesting how this turns out. The Falcons are coming off a couple tough losses and a couple weeks worth of frustration to take out on a hapless Redskins team.

Falcons 35 Redskins 3

Panthers 3-4 vs. Saints 7-0

The Panthers were the team NOT turning the ball over for once last week. Don't see the same thing happening Sunday. Nothing against them but the Saints have demoralized superior competition.

Saints 49 Panthers 17

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