Monday, November 2, 2009

Top 10 Clutch QBs --Not Top 10 Moments

Alright, so I didn't get around to a Part II Football Column. It was devolving into incoherent dis-pleasure over the Packers-Vikings game anyways. I was looking for a way to do something football-related and deciding on the following:

Recently, Forbes did a top 10 list listing the top 10 Clutch QBs well, I decided to work with this but with a twist, I decided to talk about : the league's 10 top 10 Clutch QB's and do a semi-serious not top 10 moments for each QB.....most of them aren't serious knocks (well most of them)...anyways the list

10- Kurt Warner

Not digging that thing he did in the off-season. Openly discussing retirement, the rumors about him going to the rival 49ers to leverage a higher contract. Unlike some other QBs he at least decided against jumping to a divisional rival..........not sure where he got ideas like this but he was a 4th string QB when a certain player was starting for Green Bay....just putting it out there

9- Drew Brees

He got placed below 8 QBs on this list......dude is like the best QB in the league this year....the closest I can come to a not top 10 moment is um............he's just been too good

8- Carson Palmer

Hes been stuck on a lot of bad Bengals team.......this year could be different though

7-Brett Favre

Hmm...where to start....his playoff performance after 1997.......his inability to beat the Giants in the 2007 NFC Championship Game......setting an all-time record for retirements......going to the Vikings........throwing away 15+ years of good definitely not bitter about this....not at all.....capitalizing off his retirement waffling to make a Sears commercial.......

6-Donovan McNabb

In that episode of It's Always Sunny where the Gang tries out for the Eagles, there's some dude who says he's "Donovan McNabb" who is clearly an appearance from the real McNabb

5- Phillip Rivers

He has to play on a Norv Turner coached team....thats punishment enough

4- Peyton Manning

This one time...I watched a whole quarter of a football game....and Peyton Manning did not appear in a single commercial.......totally not else am I supposed to know about how great direct TV is and what to buy

3- Eli Manning

He isn't even the QB with the last name Manning....still has a ways to catch up to his brothers level on the field and in commercial appearances

2- Ben Roethlisberger

Hasn't won a Super Bowl in 9 months......considering a Super Bowl hasn't been played since then I guess going 9 months isn't a bad thing

1-Tom Brady

That one episode of Family Guy where he couldn't deal with Peter Griffin's antics for an entire episode.......

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