Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 10 Preview

The NFL Preview gets pushed back a day earlier this week with the start of NFL Networks Thursday night slate of football games.......Now off to the games

Tier I: Packers Game

Packers 4-4 vs. Cowboys 6-2

Wow.........still shocked, disgusted, etc. that the Packers couldn't finish against Tampa. In a related note, it may be time for Mike McCarthy to update his resume. The Packers are facing a red-hot Cowboys team that has only been getting better the last few weeks. I don't have a good feeling about this game...Cowboys are going to have their way with the O-Line.

Cowboys 42 Packers 24

Tier II: Best Games of the week

Patriots 6-2 vs. Colts 8-0

Definitely the best game of the week. I see this being an epic Sunday night match-up. The Patriots have been re-adjusting to having Tom Brady behind center and the Colts have been destroying everything in their path. I'm picking the Colts because a) They haven't lost in the post-Dungy era yet and b) Peyton Manning has been carrying my fantasy team all year long and picking against him would probably be bad karma.

Colts 35 Patriots 31

Bengals 6-2 vs. Steelers 6-2

The Bengals are definitely the feel-good story of the NFL this year. It looked like it was going to be another bad year for them after their heartbreaking loss in week 1 and just about everything thats happened since 1990.

The Steelers have bounced back strong since a slow start as they look to repeat as Super Bowl Champs. They are coming off a good win against Denver. This game is going to be close but the Steelers have more experience in clutch situations and that will be the difference here.

Steelers 17 Bengals 14 (OT)

Tier III: Worth At Least Checking Out

Bears 4-4 vs. 49ers 3-5

Not the most enticing way to start the Thursday night schedule available to about 15% of the nation. Still there are some interesting sub-plots. With the Bears playoff hopes on the rope, do they get a must-win and bounce back from a blowout loss to Arizona.

For the 49ers can they get themselves back on the winning track and contend in a weak NFC West. Can they get their first win since switching over to Alex Smith? I say not.

Bears 28 49ers 21

Eagles 5-3 vs. Chargers 5-3

The Eagles have been on and off for the last month. The Chargers have gotten into their mid-season groove and have the closed the gap in a suddenly winnable AFC West. The Chargers notch themselves another win against the NFC East.

Chargers 31 Eagles 20

Seahawks 3-5 vs. Cardinals 5-3

This is probably the Seahawks last chance to get in contention for a weak NFC West. The Cardinals have been inconsistent all year and coming off a good win against the Bears. Not sure which Cardinals team shows up....but they win either way.

Cardinals 35 Seahawks 17

Tier IV: Close Games, Bad Teams

Bills 3-5 vs. Titans 2-6

The Bills are going nowhere.....which makes this year indistinguishable from the rest of this decade. The Titans have a winning streak going and are attempting to salvage whats left of a lost season. The Titans wont salvage much but they'll at least get the winning streak up to 3 first.

Titans 21 Bills 10

Jaguars 4-4 vs. Jets 4-4

Right now on ESPN Classic they are showing a replay of the 2001 GMAC Bowl back when David Garrard was the QB at East Carolina team that blew a 30-point lead and lost to Marshall 64-61. Both the Jaguars and Sundays game against the Jets will be about 1 gazillion teams less interesting.....on the bright side at least they don't have to go to Alabama to play.

The Jets season looks to be headed nowhere after their quick start. Mark Sanchez has seen his share of rookie struggles and I see his struggles continue on Sunday.

Jaguars 14 Jets 10

Chiefs 1-7 vs. Raiders 2-6

The worst game of the week. These teams aren't as bad as the Lions and Rams but they're not that much better than them.

Raiders 3 Chiefs 0

Tier V: The Blowouts (A.K.A Avoid unless you have a rooting interest and/or fantasy football implications tied to these games...and even then watching these games is questionable)

Broncos 6-2 vs. Redskins 2-6

The Broncos have hit their first rough patch in the last couple of years. In other words, they are playing the Redskins at the perfect time.

Broncos 31 Redskins 7

Saints 8-0 vs. Rams 1-7

Drew Brees and the Saints are definitely putting up video game numbers against the Rams. This game will pretty much be over midway through the 1st quarter. For Rams fans, there is no silver lining in this game.

Saints 70 Rams 0

Lions 1-7 vs. Vikings 7-1

Similar scenario, different teams.

Vikings 49 Lions 3

Falcons 5-3 vs. Panthers 3-5

Falcons are sitting on the playoff bubble and need to make a statement. The Panthers...well its definitely not their year.

Falcons 42 Panthers 10

Buccaneers 1-7 vs. Dolphins 3-5

The Bucs are coming off their gift-wrapped victory last week. The Dolphins are coming off another tough loss to an elite team. The Dolphins have been the good bad team this year and they take care of business (unlike some other teams) against Tampa.

Dolphins 35 Bucs 13

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