Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Vent: 11-21 Edition

I'm going to test out a new feature in this post......where I vent my frustrations about five random things that i've found irritating and/or wrong about the sports world....why? because....that's why.......

5- Lou Holtz

I was watching ESPN during the after the 12:30 game and before the 4:30 game (Pacific Time) games.......they were talking about how Notre Dame had a disappointing year (something that shouldn't be a shock by now since they seem to go 6-5 every year)....pretty much, i'm only paying partial attention to what they were saying but noticed quickly when Lou Holtz went on to claim that Notre Dame will be dominant again and they would be back in the title game.

Now if we were talking about a team that has been good recently bad had a bad season (i.e. Oklahoma) I could buy the argument but Notre Dame, we've been through this song and dance since the mid-90s. Seriously, the media has been so pathetically desperate for Notre Dame to be good every year the discussion comes up like clock work about how Notre Dame is coming back this year and this is the year that they re-claim their place in the BCS. Seriously, the more desperate they get about this....the more I want Notre Dame to lose.

Its nice that they have the tradition and WERE a great football program.....but their time has come and gone and having people like Lou Holtz proclaim that they will be great again is one of my bigger pet peeves (my take on the Notre Dame football failed coach is an accident (Bob Davie) two failed coaches is a trend (Willingham) three failed coaches means why should we care (Weis).

4- Cupcakes in November

In all the talk about how some of the smaller schools have a weak schedule.... the two SEC teams that will fight for one of the title game slots (Florida and Alabama) schedule teams in November (UT-Chattanooga and Florida International) to run up the score and to appeal to voters. C'mon its one thing to do this in September when its indistinguishable from all the other one-sided match ups but in November.....Shame On You

3-Jack McDowell

Anyone that had the gall to flip off Yankee fans gets bonus points from me. However, he loses points for how much he values the useless win statistic.

In McDowell's discussion about the Cy Young Awards, he diverges into the "dangerous" slippery slope of recognizing great seasons from pitchers who lose wins due to poor run support....the most head-scratching part is this:

Now that they have officially allowed full season 15 game winners to represent the best in the game, you start to worry about perennial low ERA, high strikeout guys like Vasquez being propelled to the highest level of respect...when they shouldn't. What is the difference how many strikeouts a guy has if they can't ultimately win games?

Yes, while the object for pitchers is to play to win the game, there is way too much stuff out of the pitchers control to dictate the value of a pitcher based on the wins alone. Also, I don't know about the next person but I'd rather have the pitcher with a lower ERA, ERA+, FIP, etc. to get Cy Young Votes than a pitcher who is terrible in this area. While Vasquez getting a second place vote for the Cy Young seems a bit odd, he did have an excellent season and for McDowell to get all antsy because the best pitcher in the game won 16 games (because he was stuck on the Royals) and to write off Vasquez because he won only 15 and didn't get the recognition for having a great year just bugs. More stuff like this and we could have another Joe Morgan on our hands .

ESPN to me is one of those vices I can't shake. I know it's unhealthy but they do sort of control the Sports TV world and you can't just avoid it.

This is one of those moments where i'm annoyed by ESPN and can't wait for the day when they lose their share in the Sports Broadcasting Area.

If in fact the WEEI guys were ripping on Simmons, he has his right to lash back. It may not be the most professional thing, but to tell someone they can't post on their own Twitter account is overkill. For ESPN it doesn't seem to be the best idea as Simmons is one of the more recognizable ESPN personalities (for better or worse) and screwing over Simmons like this seemed like a bad thing. Plus...its a free country if he wants to tweet about whatever he shouldn't have big brother telling him not to do so.

I thought that between their play on the field, their owner and the fact that Mike Dunleavy is still head coaching in this league, I thought there was no way for the Clippers to further embarrass themselves.

Well, I was wrong. Their broadcasters attempted to make a joke out of the Grizzlies player Hamed Haddadi being the first player from Iran to play in the NBA. It was an epic fail.

Seriously, they resorted to bad Borat jokes? That is just wrong on so many levels. Anyone that knows me knows that i'm not easily offended but these guys should have enough common sense to figure out that they are there to broadcast a basketball game.....not to act confused about the country of a player's origin if they did their research they would have figured that out before the game and had conduct this poor attempt at humor beforehand when they weren't miked the the Borat analogy....Seriously? While its one of the better comedies this decade the Borat character and comparing people to that character is something that should not be loosely tossed around let alone during the middle of a Clippers-Grizzlies game....

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