Friday, November 27, 2009

Bucks/Thunder Running Post: First Half

Well, the timing for me + games on TV on this weekend is opportunistically slanted towards the running diary format of blogging. Tonight's occasion. ESPN airing the Bucks-Thunder game on ESPN. Looking forward to it for a few reasons. Obviously the Bucks being involved is one. Second, this is my first chance to watch a complete game where Brandon Jennings plays. Since i'm not a big enough of an NBA fan to get any league package (baseball is the only sport i'll do that for).....the only stuff i've seen from him is through highlight clips/sportscenter, etc.

Also, playing against the team Kevin Durant plays for is another interesting sub-plot. I'm not crazy enough to believe that these are the two best teams in the league.....but they definitely qualify as two of the most interesting (and up and coming teams).........

6:15 And the countdown begins....25 minutes to tip off.....ESPN celebrates it by showing a clip of Kevin Durant reading a piece of paper.......somehow I find this more interesting than the Wizards-Heat game that is still going on.......unless Earl Boykins scores a bunch of points the next five minutes..this game will do little to affect the evening.

6:17 Earl Boykins...hero of the short (by NBA standard) people......according to ESPN...Boykins is the shortest player to score 30 in a game......if he wants to make a name for himself further he should enter the slam dunk competition and become the shortest player to do that....take that Spud Webb

6:18 I'm still stoked that ESPN thought enough about the tonight's game to pre-empt another game (Phoenix-Minnesota) in order to show the Bucks. Usually when the Bucks are involved in something like this...they are the team not being shown

6:21 ESPN shows first footage of the teams shooting around.....shows Jennings and Durant......for now back to Miami and Washington going through the motions.

6:22 Fun Fact: The UFL season is over and some team from Vegas won the championship......This poses the question of if you were the best team in a league that only shows games on Versus....did it actually happen?

6:27 It looks like Chris Kaman's breakout season was not meant to be. The 23-10 machine seems to be regressing to his career norms as his fg% for the year has dipped below his career numbers.....that 23-10 has regressed to 19-8 and Griffin's comeback is on the horizon.......this information (courtesy of Clips Nation) puts his spot on my fantasy team in a little bit of jeopardy.

6:32 ESPN may not solve the pressing problems that may save the world.........but they'll settle for speculating on why Earl Boykins plays for a different team every year.

6:34 Wizards 94 Heat 84...time for some inane studio chatter

6:36 Jennings getting some press for starting in the All-Star Game......They even went to the point of mentioning a player that's not named Jennings or Durant (as they talked about Jeff Green for about 2.5 seconds)

6:38 Say what you will about the circumstances that led to Oklahoma City getting a team (I say Clay Bennett is not a great person) but its good to see that Oklahoma City is coming out to support their team....they showed a shot at the crowd and there's not an empty seat to be we at least know we're not watching an Los Angeles Dodgers game.

6:40 Right when I slam the Dodgers, the arena plays the song (don't know the name of it) but I know its the same one played at Dodger stadium after the Dodgers hit a home run.

6:42 Durant gets first blood starts game off with dunk.....countered by Carlos Delfino..yes the Bucks have players other than Brandon Jennings...they're just not as good.

6:43 Delfino is en-fuego....for about 10 seconds he was single handedly outscoring the Thunder.

6:44 Gadzuric is getting schooled on the other news all days end in Y and the sky is still blue

6:46 Ilyasoya has been having a nice year but match for Kevin Durant

6:47 Jennings on the bench....Ridnour in the game.. 14-9 Thunder

6:48 Gadzuric attempted to make a shot....this never ends well...well at least Gadzuric is going to the bench for awhile as well

6:50 Hakim Warrick botches a dunk attempt in an awesomely horribly way...epic fail

6:51 First TV Timeout 16-9 Thunder....hopefully the Bucks can bounce back from a rough start

6:53 Durant draws comparison to George Gervin by the ESPN team....considering i'm too young to ever watch him play...not sure if that's a good thing or just a backhanded compliment

6:55 Delfino busts out another three..singlehandedly keeping them in it....Ridnour 3 tie game

6:56 Delfino actually misses a shot......Durant gets another comparison to another player from the 80s (Moses Malone)

6:57 Good thing i'm not involved in a drinking game where I have to take a drink every time Durant is compared to a player who was in the NBA before he was even born.....anyone doing this will probably be passed out by half time

7:02 Delfino has now scored 13 of 22 Milwaukee Points......Durant has now been compared to Moses Malone and George Gervin twice each.

7:04 Jennings gets on the scoreboard for first time.

7:07 I wonder if the Thunder will get another big name player to complement Durant in the summer of '10. The Thunder are on the way up have a solid core and the cap room to bring in a star. Also, first quarter draws to an end 31-26 Thunder.

7:11 Ahh the mandatory interview with the Head Coach...why do they even bother?

7:13 Jennings just draws the first of 200 mandatory comparisions to A.I.

7:15 Ilyasoya looking strong getting offensive boards....has gotten a couple second chance buckets...timeout...35-32 Thunder

7:18 ESPN shows clip of Michigan State losing to Florida in basketball and calling Florida's win as an upset.....while Florida was unranked and Michigan State is #2, tough to see Florida as the David pulling an upset when they've won national titles this decade.

7:21 Despite a slow start by Jennings game is tied thanks to strong starts by Delfino, Ilyasoya and Ridnour......Jennings ain't gonna be quiet all game so it's good to see the Bucks stay competitive even with not all going as planned

7:23 Ilyasoya steals ball takes it distance for dunk.....

7:23 Bucks running on all cylinders right now...Jennings sinks a jumper 46-40 Bucks.

7:25 Candidate of the day to get their coaching reputation tarnished in 4-6 short years......Er I mean take that prestigious job at Notre Dame....Brian Billick

7:30 Durant connects on back end of alley-oop to fire up crowd...Bucks counter with bucket 48-44 Bucks

7: 36 Harden knocks down a trey....the Thunder take the lead back and the Bucks go on to turn the ball bueno

7:38 First half ends with Durant not getting a shot off before the buzzer 51-50 Thunder

Game has been as good as advertised for the first half.....i'll have the second half running post up after the game

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