Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Vent: 11-25 Edition

A few days have passed.....a few more things to Vent about that bug me for one reason or another.

5- Allen Iverson Retirement

This one is more of a pre-emptive Vent If/When Iverson decides to un-retire. Based on past bitter experience (Brett Favre...cough...cough) and the less than stellar way he went out in Memphis, I have a sinking feeling we will be hearing speculation/rumors about un-retirement in the next few years.

Considering that there were teams drawing interest in him.....if the right situation comes along and a team is willing to let him be the #1 option instead of a Sixth Man......this has potential to become an over-hyped story in the next few years.

4-Dike Vitale Really Likes Duke Basketball

I made the mistake of channel surfing and leaving the TV on the ESPN broadcast of the Duke-Arizona State game. This game happened to have Dick Vitale on the broadcast team. While i'll give Vitale credit for actually being passionate about college basketball (Joe Buck could learn a lesson or two) Vitale loses said credit for falling head over hells in love with a chronically unlikeable Duke team. He wasn't on his A-Game for this stuff tonight but he was in his normal gushing mode about how impressive and classy Duke basketball is. Plus c'mon being a fan of Duke basketball is too easy.......i'd be more impressed if someone gave the same fawning treatment to their football team.

3-The Happy Gilmore Ruling

So the Canadian Courts Think that

A) I'm pretty sure the "Happy Gilmore" swing played a secondary (if any) role in the incident leading up to the lawsuit: I'm pretty sure its more related to some of the other facts such as:

they brought along 28 cans of beer, a bottle of tequila, and “some marijuana.” After nine holes, Mr. Hayter, bought more beer.

By this point, Hayter was sloshed enough to be practicing power slides in the golf cart, and “nearly drove into a pond,” according to the court documents.

On the 16th hole, Hayter sliced his tee shot into the woods. He hit a second tee shot, which “dribbled up the fairway.” At that point, his golfing buddies, not surprisingly, started to walk down the fairway toward their respective balls. But Hayter wasn’t done. He teed up a third ball and took a running start before swinging at the ball – your classic Happy Gilmore swing.

The ball struck Alan Bezanson in the wrist.

In summation, one of the few chances to apply Adam Sandler movies to real life is ruined because of a bunch of drunken idiots. Also, what are they going to do next....make golf carts illegal? I may not be a lawyer but I took the LSAT enough times (twice) to smell a frivolous lawsuit when I see one. Seriously, power slides, almost driving the cart into a pond, hard liquor plus a side of this point anything should have been expected.....including but not limited to Adam Sandler re-enactments gone horribly wrong.

2- Charlie Weis--Talking About Stanford

This one is about missed opportunities (and for once i'm not talking about Notre Dame's on field performance). We had a golden opportunity for the college football equivalent to Jim Mora's playoffs rant. I stumbled across it on ESPNews and there were a couple YouTube clips......It's pretty epic and ranks high on the unintentional comedy scale. The thing that is bugging me is it's not getting the legendary status it deserves. Pretty much, Weis is in the press conference and everyone wants to ask him about Jimmy Clausen/State of the Union/the injuries from his bar fight and Weis is responding to everything by saying "We're talking about Stanford".....all in all an epic stone-walling of the's moments like this that almost make me sad he's going to be out a head coaching gig on Monday.

Seriously the NFL has the market on press clips from Diddly Poo, To Playoffs?!, To You Play To Win The Game.........Charlie Weis could redeem himself from his mediocre stint at Notre Dame by becoming immortalized for talking about Stanford............


This one's not sports related but something I need to get off my chest. The last four weeks i've gotten hooked into their new show V (which takes the lead over Flash Forward in strongest Lost-replacement for ABC...Flash Forward isn't a bad show....the story is just too slow) anyways V has built itself up for a few episodes and the story is starting to get good. Then we get to the end of the episode and they're not coming back until March......c'mon if your gonna take a few months off at least give us more than a month of episodes first.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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